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Corruguard corner specifications

From strips of laminated corrugated cardboard, we produce Corruguard ™ corners

CARDBOARD THICKNESS: from 3/16″ (2-ply) to 5/8″ (5-ply)
INSIDE CORNER WIDTH: 5/8 to 8 inches
CORNER LENGTH: from 10 ” to 96 inches
GROOVES AND/OR SLITS: Grooves and/or slits can be added to facilitate folding or separation at a specific location.

100% recycled and recyclable!

Proactive towards the environment, a growing number of manufacturers are opting for recyclable materials. Recycled and 100% recyclable, Corruguard ™ corners provide an ecological solution to replace polystyrene or reduce the amount of unpacking waste.

Shock absorption

The C flute corrugation of higher grade 23lb / 23lb provides a balance between strength and shock absorption. Depending on your needs, we will laminate 2 to 5 plies in thickness to suit the level of protection required.

Quick use

Corruguard ™ corners delivered preformed at 90° allow an advantageous quick application on the majority of competition products. Several options must be folded and assembled into a corner when in use, which involves time and ergonomic issues. This is among others the case of the grooved sheet, the honeycomb, the telescopic box, etc. The preformed Corruguard ™ corner holds itself on the product to be packaged, making packaging fast and easy.

Wanting to limit secondary manipulations which reduce productivity, our corners can be sold with pre-cut slits or grooves that will allow you to tear or turn the angle on the corner of your product. Transformed in the direction of the corrugation, our corners are flexible and will be able to follow the curves of your products or even turn 90° where appropriate.

Economic advantage

The revision of the packaging method carried out at our customers has led to substantial savings due to the lower cost of the product, its quick use, reduction of inventories, the abandonment of the box or reduction of workforce.

Well aware that the packaging ends up in the trash (recycling bin here!), Our approach is minimalist and realistic. Overpacking is an issue in itself and your partner should offer you the minimum that meets your needs, nothing more, but nothing less.

2, 3, 4 and 5-ply thickness

Variations of the Corruguard corners

Linear angles, both strong and flexible, our products are essentially available in these three forms: