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Since 2008, Cartons Corruguard has been working with window and door manufacturers with various products, but more specifically the J-Guard for the packaging of thermos windows. In 2013, our company was targeted to help an industry giant to develop a new product, custom-made to meet their needs: an adhesive corner, that leaves no residue, both in hot and cold situations, to apply directly to its moldings and thus replace the scored sheet that they must staple. After 3 years of research and development, our company is launching its new product on the market. With a positive response from the various players, Cartons Corruguard decided to tighten its market development strategy around this targeted market. Our company now distributes its line of specialized products to more than thirty Door and Window manufacturers, in Canada from coast to coast. Long left behind with standard products, ill-suited to its needs, this business sector can now count on a quality partner to serve its needs with solutions adapted and developed at its request.