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For Corruguard, no limit is insurmountable, not even gravity! Seeking to redefine concepts and reinvent packaging methods, our team met the demands by creating the need. The adhesive option can be added to all products Made by Cartons Corruguard. It offers a great advantage for factories looking to optimize their packing station through automation.

No more staples or tape additions. No more having two people at your packaging station, one holding and one wrapping. No more prepackaging before going to the wrapper … We aim for efficiency!

Considerable savings in time and human resources lead companies to choose the adhesive solution as THE way to complete their automated packaging process.

A variety of adhesive corners


Equipped with a pressure sensitive adhesive leaving no residue and protected by a removable plastic film, the adhesive angle adheres to the surface of your products. Tested on painted and anodized aluminum, plastic and certain types of melamine, only one person will be needed to pack your product before sending it to your wrapper. The adhesive corner will stand on its own for about 1 hour before being picked up by the stretch wrap. Upon unpacking, the CORRUGUARD ADHESIVE corner will be removed with no residue or surface alteration.


To be applied over plastic wrap or to a surface not visible to the user, the corners with the permanent adhesive will stay in place throughout transport. Without any risk for your surfaces, access the best efficiency!