Our products

Corrugated cardboard corners, edge protection and specialized packaging solutions.

Cartons Corruguard™ offers specialized packaging solutions that perfectly meet all market requirements. Designed to suit our customers’ needs, the comparative advantages of the Corruguard™ edge corners differ according to the applications.

Having mastered our process, we supply our cardboard edges to manufacturers in various industrial sectors: furniture, bath & showers, kitchen cabinets, fencing, doors and windows, containers, floor coverings, fans, plastic film rolls, picture & painting frames, wheel hubs and a host of other applications.

Our customers adopt the Corruguard™ edge corners for different reasons that are specific to their products and their packaging needs. The top factors behind their decision-making process include: ecological considerations, shock absorption performance rate, user-friendliness or economic advantages.

100% recycled and recyclable!

A growing number of manufacturers are becoming more and more proactive in protecting the environment and, as such, are turning to recyclable materials. 100% recycled and recyclable, the Corruguard™ edge corners offer an ecological alternative to other materials such as polystyrene and reduce the quantity of cardboard waste following the unpacking.

Shock Absorption

The corrugated flute C of 26/26 high grade cardboard maintains a fair balance between robustness and shock absorption.

Ready to use

The Corruguard™ edge corners offer a real advantage over other cardboard materials that are shipped unassembled or flat or need to be folded and assembled before being used, such as honeycomb, telescopic boxes or scored and slotted cardboard sheets. Delivered pre-shaped, the Corruguard™ edge corner molds itself to the product that you’re packaging, making it easier and faster to pack. Finally, the Corruguard™ edge corner, delivered with or without slits, is very easy to cut by hand.

Economic Advantages

The revision of our customers’ packaging methods has led to substantial savings by cutting costs, speeding up edge corner manipulation time , reducing inventories, discontinuing the use of boxes and other gains.

We are committed to working with manufacturers to develop such improvements in their packaging methods and materials.