Rigid angle guards


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The rigid angle iron, also called Angleguard or Chipboard, offers undeniable strength and rigidity. Often used to structure the stacking of products on pallets during shipment or to protect against straps or plastic straps, this product is sold by the pallet. Up to 144 “long, the angle bar with a maximum width of 6” total can be available in 1.5×1.5, 2×2, 2.5×2.5, 3×3 or even 2×3 for example. From 0.060 “to 0.500” thick, it adjusts to the weight of your load or the tension of your belt. The option printed with your company name and / or logo may be included in the price. All you have to do is pay the one-time die fee and there you are with pallets personalized with your name.

Cornière rigide avec ou sans logo Angle Guard with or without logo