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Corners… Only corners
A Niche… Our specialty

Our slogan takes its meaning directly from innovation:

Once seen as marginal, our company has long been challenged by outsiders who doubted our ability to compete with big players such as Cascades. Years later, our specialty has allowed us to distinguish ourselves and become leaders in the development of packaging components. Whether through our Made by Cartons Corruguard or Distributed by Cartons Corruguard products, our concerted approach with the various partners remains the same. The customer’s need is at the center of the process and it is by evaluating the best way to meet it that it will guide us to the adopted solution.

Always seeking to take advantage of our unique manufacturing process in Canada, Cartons Corruguard deploys the necessary energy to develop its products. In reaction to the various issues named by the companies we work with, we listen and react creatively to solve the problem. Each product presented here is the result of a project carried out in conjunction with a client.

While some products only took an idea or the expression of a need to go right into production, others took up to 3 years of development and several tax credit projects to be successful. In both cases, our company believes that customer issues are at the center of our mission and that successfully addressing them is the key to our success.