Innovative and unique product

Made with a raw material different from the Canadian competition and offering a range of technical packaging, our products are unique and innovative

Recycled and recyclable

Committed to protecting your products and the environment, our products are made from 100% recycled cardboard and are recyclable

Outstanding customer service

Dedicated to our clients, we have made this our purpose: being an accomplice in the success of our clients

Respecting our commitment

Sensitive to your manufacturing issues, which are also ours, you will find in us a real business partner.


Corners… Only corners.
A niche ... our specialty

A family business since 2008, Cartons Corruguard is the only Canadian manufacturer to specialize only in the manufacture of corrugated cardboard corners. A true partner of choice for your packaging projects, our company is distinguished by its unique and custom-made products, unparalleled customer service and the shortest lead times on the market.

Our packaging solutions will allow you to target your various issues of productivity, reduction of work force or reduction of breakage. Whether it is to facilitate the automation of your packing station or to reduce your costs, we will work together to develop the product that will meet your specific needs.

Unique in its kind, the Cartons Corruguard company stands out on different levels. It is the only Canadian manufacturer to transform from the single-sided roll and not from the sheet. The company owns a custom-developed production line and a unique manufacturing process. We are proud of this reality which has allowed us to stand out by offering a range of exclusive products signed Cartons Corruguard.