Corners… Only Corners.
Our Niche… Our Speciality.

The Corruguard™ edge corner is made of corrugated single-faced cardboard rolls, from a superior grade ‘C’ flute cardboard paper weighing 26 lbs/26 lbs.

Made from recycled cardboard, the Corruguard™ edge corner is recyclable.

The Corruguard™ edge corner is custom-made according to the customer’s specifications. L-shaped (2 faces), U-shaped (3 faces) or J-shaped, the Corruguard™ edge corner will be specified in terms of thickness (the number of cardboard plies), width and length.

To fully understand your needs and wishing to share our technical knowledge with you, we can visit your facility to better assess your needs in order to offer a suitable solution.

As a leader in terms of innovation, Cartons Corruguard has developed adhesive corners, non-adhesive coatings and other specificities. These innovative projects were conducted jointly with the customers who were the source of such new requirements.

Industrial Sector Clientele

The Corruguard™ edge corner is the corrugated cardboard corner used in the wrapping/packaging of a multitude of products, whether industrial in nature or consumer goods. 

Our customers, manufacturers of all types, use the Corruguard™ edge corner to package their products: furniture, bathtubs and shower stalls, doors and windows, kitchen and bathroom cabinets and doors, polyethylene rolls, aluminum railings, metal rods and metal frames to name a few…

The Corruguard edge corner advantageously replaces many other components of industrial packaging. 


Why choose the Corruguard™ corner?


Make substantial savings by using the Corruguard™ edge corner. The Corruguard™ edge corner is economical to purchase and to use.
Delivered pre-shaped, the Corruguard™ edge corner molds itself to the wrapped product
Made from recycled cardboard, the Corruguard™ edge corner is 100% recyclable.
Each Corruguard™ edge corner is specifically designed to adapt to product specs and shipping methods.
Quality and impeccable service. Feedback to customer greatly appreciated. Cartons Corruguard listens to their customer’s needs. Boisdaction is proud to work with such a qualified supplier.
Gaétan Rondeau, Boisdaction Inc., Plessisville, Qc

The Cartons Corruguard team offers outstanding customer service. The product meets our needs and their supply times are excellent.

Vincent Temese, Aluminium Distinction Inc., Anjou, Montreal, Qc
Good product, good service and a nice company. It’s a beautiful partnership.
Karine Gautreau, Armoires Cuisines Action, Ste-Sabine, Qc

Outstanding customer service, unbeatable delivery time and unparallelled follow-up on special requests. Congratulations to everyone at Cartons Corruguard!

Michael Laflamme, Cercueils Magog (1994) Inc., Magog, Qc
The Corruguard team really listens to their customer’s needs. They never back down in the face of a challenge. I recommend this company as a supplier of packaging goods. Bravo!
Michel Leclerc, FENPLAST Manufacturier de Fenêtres, Candiac, Qc.

Working with the Cartons Corruguard Company has been an excellent experience. They are very cooperative and understanding while working through the development stages and trying to get the best result for our company.

Tim Muylaert, Dashwood Industries, Windows manufacturer, Centralia, ON