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Innovative new corners

Corners to answer your needs

It is with determination that Corruguard continues to carry on its mission by offering innovated corrugated cardboard corners, surpassing established norms in industrial packaging material.

Pushing through the industry boundaries of the raw materials, of protection and even defying gravity itself, Corruguard is proud to present to you its latest three accomplishments to date in protective cardboard corners: the Non-Abrasive, Telescopic and Adhesive corners.

Corruguard will focus in this article on the non-abrasive corner that has been quietly taking its place in the market since March 2017: The Coated-Guard.

The Coated-Guard, 100% recyclable

Typically, in packaging, the non-abrasive material that often is used is foam. The protective corners are usually coated with this foam material to limit the abrasions that could be caused due to friction from the cardboard on certain sensitive surfaces. Corruguard™ wished to develop and use an equally efficient product, but remain environmentally friendly by offering 100% recyclable material like its regular cardboard corner protector.

After months of research and adjustments, we are now able to provide a non-abrasive, efficient, moisture-free and totally eco-friendly protective corner which is also quite economical: The Coated-Guard.

Corners… Only corners. A niche… Our specialty.