The Corruguard™ edge corner, a leader in innovation.

Adhesive Corruguard™:

Featuring a pressure-sensitive and retractable glue protected by a strip of silicone paper, the Corruguard™ Adhesive corner binds to the surface, until the plastic wrap or strap is used as a double fastening device. Once unpacked, the Corruguard™ Adhesive edge corner will be removed without leaving any glue residue behind.

Non-Abrasive Corruguard™:

Coated with a non-adhesive layer, such as polyethylene, the Non-Abrasive Corruguard™ edge corner has proven safe to use on more fragile surfaces.

Corruguard™ Molding:

Available in both adhesive or non-adhesive formats, with dimensions as small as 0.75” x 0.75” and available in different lengths, the Corruguard™ Molding edge corner is perfect for protecting small surfaces such as doors or window moldings.

Corruguard™ Thermos:

Shaped into a “J”, the Corruguard™ Thermos edge corner’s design facilitates its use and insertion along the sharp edge of a thermo-glass window.

Telescopic Corruguard™:

Folded back at its extremities and forming a 90o angle, the telescopic edge corner is greatly strengthened by superposing folded cardboard.

On top of these products, it is possible to order smaller or larger items as well as different shapes and compositions.