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Cartons Corruguard, proud member of Fenestration Canada

Participation at Fenestration Canada’s Regional Event in Moncton, New-Brunswick.

With its all new product line dedicated to windows and doors packaging, Cartons corruguard is proud to be a new member of Fenestration Canada as a supplier.

Present at the Regional event that took place last April in Moncton, N-B, it is as a sponsor that Cartons Corruguard was presenting its new specialized product range to sixty people from the industry present for the occasion.

Supplier to more than a dozen major window and door manufacturers in Quebec, New Brunswick and Ontario, we are proud to have developed innovative and unique products that directly address the packaging challenges faced by these manufacturers.

This new product line includes Corruguard™ Molding, Corruguard™ Adhesive and Corruguard™ Thermos.

Whether it is to reach a productivity goal, increase protection or downsize effectives at the packaging station, our customers told us about the various challenges they were faced with… Over the last few years, anxious to respond to a need apparently poorly answered elsewhere, various innovative projects have occupied our company to arrive today offering these new solutions.

While the Corruguard™ Thermos has been on the market for a few years now, it took us three years to develop and improve the Corruguard™ Molding and the Corruguard™ Adhesive. Available since January 2017, these corners are specially designed to match the narrow window molding and are sold with or without adhesive. In the form of a pressure sensitive adhesive, our adhesive leaves no residue or any alteration of the surface.

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