Corruguard™ Standard Specs

We produce Corruguard™ corners from laminated, corrugated cardboard strips.

CARDBOARD THICKNESS: From 1/8 (2 plies) to 1 inch (6 plies)
INTERIOR CORNER WIDTH: From 0.375 to 8 inches
CORNER LENGTH: From 4 to 96 inches
SLITS: Slits can be added to facilitate folding or separation at a specific location.

Circular Shape Protection

In certain sizes and thicknesses, the “U”, “J” (3 sides) and “L” (2 sides) shaped Corruguard™ edge corners will flawlessly follow a circular contour.

Optional Specs

Non-Abrasive Corruguard™: To protect the fragile surfaces, the interior of the corners can be coated with a protective layer to prevent abrasion. These polyethylene coatings replace non-recyclable foam at a lower cost.

Adhesive Corruguard™: The adhesive corner will remain in place for up to 24 hours, until the plastic wrapping film is used as a double fastening device. The use of the retractable adhesive allows for the easy removal of Corruguard™ corners without leaving any residue behind.

Corruguard™ Ultra: Made of 5 or 6 layers of our 26/26 top grade cardboard, the Ultra corner is designed to protect heavy or fragile products or those that must withstand demanding transport conditions.

Corruguard™ Molding: With dimensions as small as ¾ x ¾ inch and lengths of up to 96 inches, the Corruguard™ Molding is designed to protect small surfaces, such as window moldings.

Telescopic Corruguard™: Folded back at its extremities and forming a 90o angle, the telescopic edge corner is greatly strengthened by superposing folded cardboard.

In addition to our standard products or optional specs, it is possible to order smaller or larger items as well as different shapes and compositions.

Complementary Products

In order to satisfy our customers wishing to maximize their cardboard purchases, we have forged strategic alliances with other carefully selected subcontractors. We supply boxes, sheets, chipboards, corrugated cardboard dividers and rigid corners. We can also involve our subcontractors to help on the required design.

Corruguard™ Comparative Advantages

  • Economic benefits on competitive products
  • Ready to use and user-friendly
  • High-performance shock absorption
  • Delivered pre-shaped at a 90° angle, it molds itself to the product to be packaged
  • Follows circular contours
  • 100% recycled and recyclable
  • Decrease in packaging materials inventory