In terms of marketing, Cartons Corruguard™ prioritizes customer satisfaction above all.

Customers can either purchase directly from Cartons Corruguard™ or through a distributor of their choice.

Cartons Corruguard™ prospects and promotes its products in the Québec and Ontario markets through a direct approach and active participation in trade shows. Furthermore, Cartons Corruguard™ collaborates with different distributors who are specialized in industrial packaging.

When you have questions or are revising your packaging methods, we encourage you to involve us in the process early on so that you can benefit from our expertise in edge corners and different materials as well as packaging methods.

Our success is based on the values of our work ethics

  • A specialty product. We have made the Corruguard™ edge corner a specialty product that is both technical and innovative and can be only fully appreciated once the customer makes use of it.

  • A custom-made product. Designed according to the product to be packaged, the packaging methods and the shipping requirements.

  • Customer oriented. Our customers’ success is very important to us. We enthusiastically support their development projects. We put all our knowledge and energy at our customers’ disposal to better serve them.

  • Personalized service, which is renewed and adapted to each and every packaging situation.

  • Rigorous quality standards, specialized equipment, effective internal communication and a solid organization make Cartons Corruguard™ a reliable supplier.