A Coup de Coeur Right From the Start

Still energized by its founding coup de coeur in the midst of the 2008 recession, all the while having defied accounting ratios and banking laws, Cartons Corruguard™ was a successful start-up business and has since left its mark. The company is still building on its momentum.

We were right to target such a singular market. Corners… Only corners. Our niche. Our specialty. Our slogan rings true when considering the high levels of innovation and technicality that Corruguard™ edge corners signify.

Over the years, literally propelled by our customers’ requirements, innovation became the company’s primary driving force. Innovation in terms of processes, raw materials and products has catapulted us into the leader’s spot in the industrial packaging market.

Mme Marie-Hélène Hotte, Directrice Générale et Mme Diane Latendresse, Présidente (Crédit photo: Charlène Paillé)

Family Succession

In 2013, the beautiful surprise of a family succession taking over the company took shape; this succession was confirmed in 2016. Under the same presidency, general management and the production department are now run by the next generation. The Corruguard™ team is strong, in all corporate departments.

The Pursuit…

With our 10th anniversary, Cartons Corruguard™ continues to amaze me when I think about its evolution, its current market position and its tremendous potential for the future. I would like to share the feelings that inspire us with you, with our team and with everyone close to us…

Pride for the numerous accomplishments of our team, the innovative character of our edge corners and the company’s position in the market.

Continuous recognition for our customers and suppliers who have allowed us to start the business, to grow, to innovate and to perform.

Confidence in our continued growth.

Cartons Corruguard™ is fascinating. With well-anchored and noble values, it carries on as it began: with passion, determination and conviction.

We look forward to working together in the years to come.

Diane Latendresse
Présidente, Les Cartons Corruguard Inc.